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Ok a had a corvian great scythe and decided I wanted to make a hollow build so I infused it with hollow and went to reallocate my stats but from 14 luck al the way to 32 the damage did not change does this weapon not have luck scaling even when hollow infused ( btw it is +9)
It won't show on the raw damage. Try checking the attack power in the player stats.
Need more test but I think the Luck boost INCREASES the poison and bleed capabilities. But it doest show up on the menu.
On a Bleed/poison infused weapon, when using a hollow weapon on the offhand
Tested with onikiri and Ubadachi. With 35 Luck (34 bleed) I bleeded the firekeeper in 5 L1 hits. With 40 Luck (an hollow weapon in the offhand), bleeded her with 4 L1 hits.
Why would you bleed the firekeeper!? :`(
It says +10 weapons grants +5 Luck, does this mean +0 and +1 weapons don't provide any Luck, only from +2 upwards?
Negative, you get 5 luck regardless of the upgrade level. As long as you're hollow and using a hollow weapon/shield. This effect stacks as well so if you're using a hollow weapon and a hollow shield, you're getting a bonus 10 luck total.
Wrong, hollow weapons under +10 give +2 to luck, only +10 will give +5 luck
There hollow gem can be picked up by running and rolling up rocks once up point up keep running But don’t forget to eliminate the curse givers
I don’t know why but i cant upvote this comment. I do remember doing this in the farron area.
For luck builds infuse with this instead of bleed and use carthus rouge The bleed is higher this way
carthus rouge only give 20 bleed , its the worst bleed effect in the game since a while
how about using carthus curver greatsword +10 bleed with 50 luck? it has the highest stat of bleeding with a whooping 109
So, if you're not hollow, you can't have the bonus stats from luck?
Yeah I don't think it changes base scaling



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Your level of hollowing needs to be at least 15 for you to get bonus luck. Once your hollowing is 15, the number of bonus luck depends on the level of weapon. The weapon needs to be +10 to get the full 5 points. One bonus per active hand slot. Hollow shield +10 and hollow weapon +10 will give you a total of 10 extra luck. I don't know why people say this is the worst stat since resistance. You only need to level luck to 30 and have hollow LH and hollow RH to hit the 40 softcap. Plus, bleed and poison also scale with luck. A weapon doesn't lose its initial scaling when infused hollow, bleed. So, for example, a great club infused with blood has a B in str. Infused with bleed at 40 luck, it has a whopping 89 in bleed. Say hello to my little friend, demon in pain! Infused with poison, it has 117 poison! Infused hollow with 40 luck and 28 str, it still scales with luck but already has 520 AR. Arguably the best stat in the game.
You would imagine that hollow infused weapons would scale their damage with your hollowing. Right? But no, They had to make it scale with the worst stat in Dark Souls since Resistance.
No, I wouldn't imagine that. You don't level hollowing up, so how would thry balance that?
With 40 dex and base strength a sharp gem on any infusable weapons will ALWAYS outperform a hollow infused weapon. Even at 99 luck, sharp weapons will always be better. And that's not even getting into 40/40 strength/dex builds with refined gems So honestly whats the point? Unless youre doing a dedicated bleed build with literally no investment in dex or strength beyond base weapon requirements, but then your physical damage is atrocious even with high luck and a hollow gem, so you might as well just use a blood gem to procc bleed as much as possible
If you were doing a bleed build you can get something like a shield or parrying dagger, put it on your off hand and make it hollow, giving you an extra 5 luck for free which helps with your bleed damage and then if you go hollow yourself it goes to plus 10 instead of 5. Yes not much but you are still adding 10 levels to your luck just by having a off hand weapon/shield which can help a lot with the scaling.
greataxe with hollow infusion has the highest achievable physical AR in the game..
Hello. Did you know? Hollow infused weapons also increase your defense and resistance stats. Quite the lovely bit of information missed here.
Isn't that only because they increase Luck with Hollowing of 15+? That is noted on the page. Luck increases defense and resistance.
Picks up gem in Farron Keep... Can’t use it until Profaned Capital... Turns hollow