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So if I talked to the Scarecrow in each location I can choose the "Bad" Ending and if I dont im stuck with the "Good" ending?
Because controlling a monument devouring island for the rest of time sucks.
Then again, if the island is just Limbo, don't you wanna control the afterlife as an all powerful god witha ton of minions?
since when becoming a god became bad? Other option gives you chance to flee island and return to not so good life with a failed quest for finding a princess. Then your kingdom would not make peace with it`s enemies and drown in war.


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Being saltborn generally sucks
Don't make the endings so black and white. There is no good or bad ending. It is how you interpret them.
The Island isn't inherently evil. The Nameless God's dominion and recreation of the most terrible places in the world that made it so. Under a different ruler, the Island could change, perhaps for the better.
Answering the goddamn question, yes, you are stuck with the "good" ending
Why are people saying you'll have failed your quest? The princess was a mere slave to be sacrificed to the Nameless God to end the war. I suppose if youo became the God you could end the war that way but I highly doubt it.
I just wanted to point out that the trees that grow more clear during the ending poems are also different between creeds. Devara's light has a singular bloated tree in the dominion ending, while the House of Splendor has a larger tree with spindling vines in the same ending. Worth getting some pictures of all the different trees, if possible.



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It seems as if the Domination/Salvation Endings for each creed give the roots/crown of a creed specific tree. I've finished with the splendor domination ending once, and the similiarity to the crown someone posted here was stunning.
Man takes up the sword to protect the small injuries that burdened his heart, on a distant day beyond his memories.
Man wields the sword to die with a smile on his face, on a distant day beyond his dreams.
I managed to get the Dominion Ending without actually killing the last boss. It may be a bug but you even without talking to him at each location, I have let the last boss kill me because i wanted to get some achievements before finishing my NG. I returned many times to the Castle of storm (second Location) and after the third talk, I had the choice to take the helm or not. Taking the helm immediately end the game and grand you the trophy.

I don't have the Palace achievement still I have the dominion achievement.
So whats the ending for the Dominion Three implying? Is the Namless God like the real god of the world and the rest fake? Did he kill them or male them the forgotten judge,king,knight?
*Only a Theory*
The Nameless God seems to be the God of the Order of the Betrayer. Through all the pieces of dialogue with the Scarecrow, it becomes pretty obvious that this God is related to Chaos, Destruction and Death, but most important, it seems to feed on arrogance and over confidence (with multiple dialogues referring to ravaging the kingdoms of corrupt Kings and stuff like that and punishing people who think they can outsmart him).
My theory is that the Nameless God didn't appreciate the rise of these New Gods, and he who can claim the life of anything has struck down the New Gods for their excessive confidence in becoming the new supreme Creed, and made them the puppets of his will as the Forgotten King, Knight and Judge. However, all this might just apply to the island, as we lack the lore to make further asumptions on the whole world. Maybe the Nameless God is just a bitter deity that has been trapped on the island and he only created the Forgotten King, Knight and Judge to mock the new Creed he despises the most.
There are three gods in the Three. In dominion, you become a god. So, if the character believed in the Three, they would see themselves as a new, fourth god.
In my opinion i believe it symbolises you gaining power and taking his place. With this power you forsake The Three and call yourself a god with the power you gain. Hence the "I am the Fourth", which may imply you calling yourself more powerful than they.
The nameless god isn't a god at all. He's a saltborn. He's jealous of the Three gods and on his island, he creates the illusion of them being dead gods, made of salt too. The Nameless God is the "God" of his island, but he is not a god in the sense of Devara, or the Order of the Betrayers god, or the three, being gods. In the Dominion ending, you become the Nameless God and do everything he did. In your attempt to feel like a god, you name yourself the fourth god, and attempt to ruin the reputation of the three. Also, he is not the betrayer's god. Their god is made of light, as it is said he is the brother of Devara. He is no saltborn.
The Nameless God is a Saltborn, a mortal human like the player character, who found is way to absolute power (within the Island, which it's implied he created and exists in a metaphysical realm) in his quest to become a Lightborn. Implications exist that your character died, and the Island is a kind of purgatory or afterlife for people who died at sea; Skourzh is under the command of/is helping the Nameless God to bring more souls to the island. The Nameless God, through his absolute power, entombed The Three, and took their place, receiving their prayers, which is why they withered away. So, a The Three character would have, if they beat every boss encounter and took the helm, killed THEIR OWN GODS, and supplanted the entity that imprisoned them. Thus, claiming a title for themselves as The Fourth.
Another point to the 'metaphysical Island' theory, is that many of the locations on the Island exist in the real world in-lore, and it's either implied or stated that the Nameless God takes the memories of the Saltborn who wind up there to create new lands. Specifically, the Red Hall of Cages, the Castle of Storms, and the Dome of the Forgotten are noted by NPCs as being weirdly out-of-place, and not in their home nations.


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Is it possible to pay to have sin removed, and remove your creed? I'm curious if the ending is different if there is no creed applied?
Talk to the candle lit lady in the forest region. 1000 per sin. I guess you could try to defile your own creed and that would remove your creed, maybe.
You can't defile your own creed, so this is impossible. You always belong to a creed.
Anyone knows why he isnt showing up for me? I tried so many times to find him after the bloodless prince and he doenst show up. I did everything right: talked with him in village of smiles, castle of storms and now i have no idea why he os not at zigurrat of dust.
use wiki ,there is where you can encounter him
Does not appear after bloodless prince, wiki is wrong, just keep following rest of wiki
Because the game is **** and npc's disappear forever if you take a wrong turn.
If I pick good ending (find salvation achievement) I will be able to pick a dominion achievement in next playtrought?
That is one epic end dialogue
Agreed, "I am the fourth". So badass.

I am fairly certain there are 3 endings - they depend on what you do at the end.

1. Jump Straight down the well, ignoring the Scarecrow entirely (You drown).

2. Speak to the Scarecrow, declining the helm, jump down the well (You submerge at sea).

3. Speak to the Scarecrow, take helm (You assume the role of the Nameless King, trapped on the island).

I could be wrong, but would like confirmation here.
*surface at sea - apologies, bad English.
I didn't even see the scarecrow and I jumped in the well. (I did speak to him at each location though)
havnt talked to the scarecrow once but still surfaced at sea after jumping down the well
You can jump down the well without speaking to the scarecrow and still resurface
I was want to take helm but accidently I fall down
No, there are only 2 endings. If you "Do Nothing" at the Scarecrow, you just stand there until you choose the other two endings.