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Armor piece of this set is still one of the coolest armors of the game imho!



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If you guys want the clean version try this:Steel Soldier Helm,Deserter Armor,Jailer Gloves,and Conjurator Boots.
I like to go no helm, Deserter Armor, Worker Gloves, and Fallen Knight Leggings. I looks pretty good, it's fairly light, and it protects well.
iirc, Because of the way defense is calculated, you put yourself at an extreme disadvantage if you don’t have an item in every armor slot.
"Extreme" is an inaccurate term. If you don't suck at the game and you roll, you could be naked and still have an advantage over the average souls player. This isn't a game where you tank hits unless you're wearing super heavy armor. A little loss in defense doesn't matter, no matter what research that one guy did showing the drop in defense percentage. It really isn't that important. Trust me, if I can beat the Nameless King without wearing a helmet, he'll be fine.
after 15 different characters, i beat the nameless king wearing this set


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It would be really nice if we could get the full clean version from the hollows wearing it before the Twin Princes. Unfortunately we can’t and have to make do with what we can get unless someone wants to get a huge petition together. Still a halfway decent looking set when combined with the right items.
it is not only clean it also have shoulder and chest steel look very cool