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wish capcom had not favored the ps4 version, the ps4 version makes the ps4's cooling system acting crazy, and it's pretty clear they favor that version with the exclusive horizon zero dawn and iceborne beta
lol just got disliked for stating an opinion and also a true statement
F*** Ryozo and f*** Capcom! They literally dumbed down the whole game so that every casuals can facerroll the entire game without problems. Now it will only be downhill from here. Cancel your Iceborne pre-order! It is over FUchad! Might as well join the Soulsf*gs!
Stfu *****, your old world ain't that different, i did MHFU easily
15 years! 15 *****ing years of our hard work hyping up the Soulsf*gs that Monster Hunter is a hard game and what the ***** did Capcom do? They make a game so easy that even an unborn fetus could finish it. This game is a disgrace to the Monster Hunter series. Accept it MHf*gs, we lost. Time to move on to a better series like Dark Souls which is actually hard and unique
Okay dude chill, I get it you know I am a long time player as well and when I realized how easy Monster Hunter: World was after playing it, I wasn't the happiest person in the world as well, (mainly because I hadn't played a Monster Hunter game in a while and I was looking for the challenge the old games brought) HOWEVER when I did realize it was for newcomers I... ok you know what ***** it. CALM THE ***** DOWN AND GET OVER IT DUMBASS!!! ... ok I'm done...
its sad that people are so blind by the fact that the reason this game is easy is because of the controlls. the old games where all on wither ds or some dumb phone app but the controlls where bad they where clunky and hard if I where to play the DS version with a keyboard and mouse or controller it'd make that game easy too also the game has better mechanics like the jump feature and such the game is great its only easy because of controlls allowing people to actually play and not take 30 seconds to make a full turn. TLDR; The games good, you idiots just dont know that controlls matter
This is true with the game now being on the systems it makes it easy for controlls and also easy to kill monsters so with new controlls and stuff is easy
Explain to me how Vigorwasps, Turf wars and restocking potions don't make the game easier?
Morons, you can restock potion in old world by grabbing herbs in quest, same difference. Yawn, i bet you guys are just salty Nintendo *****s
lol it's just one guy sperging out that pointless grinding and artificial difficulty were removed
>Ol-Old games weren't hard/ >T-They're artificial hard.../ KYS
Mad about the truth, spergboy?
just a little question, everyday when I'm playing mhw the server kicks me like*****, specialy at fight, tells me thats the connecting to the session has been lost in the middle of fight *^*, the question is if anyone here had the same problem and found any answers can u help me ^_^.



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The disconnects don't have a specific fix that I have found. The typical stuff is to restart your router, use wired instead of wireless, host your own session.
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This game is way easier than Dark Souls
Is this the game all the Dark Souls rejects play because Dark Souls is too hard for them?
this is the game the dark souls fans come to play because dark souls is dying *****