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F*ck these guys. I hate them worse than any of the bosses. Got up to beating One Rebordn & Amygdala, and then tried Upper Ward. 3 months. 3 freaking months I was stuck at that room with the chandelir jumpscare (wolves didn't even phase me) with those damn things. I'm still stuck there, and haven't finished the game (yes, I started late), because I am going to find a way to get past them. Phantasmal Shell, Ludwig, and Malatovs. Any other suggestions?


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Three months? You might be beyond help.
Bolt or fire all the way. They're weak against it, so give it a try. As long as you can stay away from their binding spell, you'll be okay.
The Beckoning bell does wonders as ever.
Do the Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon - the first one. The ritual blood can be bought for 5,000 echoes (farm the executioners at Hemwick Charnel Lane, coming back from the Witch's Abode Lantern, you'll have enough if you kill two of them). The Chalice is relatively easy once you memorize the layout of it (any chalice that doesn't have ROOT in it's title is a pre-made dungeon), and the third/final boss of the dungeon has a guaranteed drop of a radial +10% Fire ATK UP gem. Spend another 5,000 from your winnings in the Chalice, obliterate it again, and then slot two radial fire gems into your weapon of choice. I was a full arcane build, and I literally could not beat those wolves/brainsuckers with my Logarius Wheel. Threw the two gems onto a Beast Cutter, though? 2-shotting the suckers (and crushing them to the ground before they could react) and keeping the wolves at bay. I need to go through the other Chalices to see what good farming I can get, but that first dungeon is AMAZING if you need radial fire gems (the second layer boss tends to drop somewhere around a 12% Physical ATK UP gem, too).
Scout out the area if you haven't already, then use blue fluid to run around them. All you need from the ones up top is the orphanage key (kill the one by the balcony). Then just run your *** off, preferably opening a shortcut in case you die.
The boss version took 12 insight from me because of that binding spell. These are truly the worst enemies in the game, like *****ing christ why couldn't they at least drop a Great One's Wisdom even if it's a 0.1% chance.
Easily one of if not the worst enemies in all of the SoulsBorne games. Whoever at FS design these *****s should be shot.
Drawn and quartered and have their remains fed to dogs. These enemies are a product of true sadism.
and you are a product of pure sucking at this game, just fu**ing get good and stop complaining like a pu**y
Jumping goats from ds3 said hello
Lmao for anonym who tell people to not complain in the games they like should go outside sometimes, people are allowed to have opinions dumbass..
Oh wow, the game isn't just letting you skate through with no challenge? Jesus someone call the pope it's a crisis.
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Beware! You can dodge left/right their binding spell, but unlike a lot of enemy attacks, you can't dodge "into" it. The narrow hallways of the Upper Cathedral Ward are thus hell since you can't move left/right. Anticipate them, draw them out into open area, shoot them to stun lock them, but beware! They do have i-frames during that binding spell. Learned the hard way that there's a tiny window where they ignore getting shot in the face to cast it.
No, you can very easily dodge into them. It's not even that strict a timing. You literally just need to try.
When it grabs you, just close the app immediately and it will put you back before you got into a fight with them, it works everytime, because ***** these guys and their cheap *** grab attacks.
You can also cheese them by luring them behind doors and fighting them through the walls, because again, ***** these guys.
*slaps tummy* it fit many insight brother
I used a Tonitrus +8 and just spammed R1... even in the upper cathedral, I got them down in a few seconds. For some reason, the normal attack from the Tonitrus seems to stun-lock them well enough. If not, the beast roar slams them down behind the corner walls pretty easily to close some distance on them. I wish I had known about this earlier... I would have been 30 insights richer.
They are exremely weak to bolt and even more to fire. 1 or 2 molotov should do the trick pretty much at every lvl. At 25 I'm killing them with just one. You can also use papers on your weapon but its still a bit risky like that. And molotovs are also cheap af.
not later on in the game they aren't, molotovs start getting really spendy (even for me, who always has a moon rune equipped) it would be better to use thrust attacks with a fire weapon