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Covenants are so bad in DS III
I just wish that farming covenant items wasn't so incredibly tedious.
Do covenant ranks reset upon entering the next NG?


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Covenant Allegiance carries over to NG+(x*), so you have nothing to worry about! ♥

*: x = # of NG+



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Covenant mechanics suck. They should not force the player how to play but instead should have been based on Covenant allies and enemies, every Coven being able to coop, invade, defend and revenge; being their main point as side history of the main game. Also their rewards should be some sort of shop that levels up with Coven level so new Coven specific items and equipment ate available the more you progress.
bro the game is 3 years old
Can anyone help me with the cov items, i still need 20 concords, 8 tongues, 28 shackles and 4 dregs, ive been farming and pvping for weeks but i just dont seem to get the drops at all. Im playing on ps4 and my psn is Betjes555
I have a lot of other items, weps, rings etc to spare, if someone wants to trade