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Yes but can you roll in this?
Artorias Sucks
Artorias is AWSOME as a boss and person. how dare you!
Very bold thing to say, I admire your foolishness.
boo you suck
Artorias: Ornstein Artorias: I am Artorias, the coolest knight in all of Lordran Artorias: *Holds out a tiny white puppy* I also have a wolf. I'm going into the abyss to kill Manus! Ornstein: ...It would be better not to Artorias: How dare you contradict me! Look at me, so handsome and damned! Artorias: *Clenches fist* I have to go into the abyss, I have to fulfill my mission Artorias: I think there is also a *****ing princess...Dusk...I don't remember Artorias: I have to do this Ornstein, you can't stop me! *Dramatically looks away with hand in front of his face* Ornstein: Uuuuum listen...It would be better not to.. Ornstein: Gwyn will get angry.. *Claps his hands together nervously* Artorias: Ornstein, I can not remain anonymously here, I am not just one of the Four Knights of Gwyn Artorias: I am Artorias, I am handsome and damned! I also have a wolf, *****! *Points hand at the white puppy in his hand* Pup: *Bork* Ornstein: I don't think Sif is ready to fight yet...Artorias... Ornstein: ...The *****... Ornstein: ...The ***** do you want to go into the abyss...Are you dumb?! *Angrily waves his hand around in front of himself* Artorias: *Looks away in a dramatic pose again* ...No! I am Artorias Ornstein: I think you're dumb... Artorias: *Kneels down on one knee, holds the pup out towards Ornstein* I've got a wolf!! Ornstein: Well the wolf is dumb too! Artorias: *Clutches the pup defensively in his arms* How dare you, Ornstein!!! Ornstein: Well, actually I am your boss, you should do what I say, you don't... Ornstein: *Starts to point and wave his arm at Artorias* ...Artorias don't go into the abyss!! Artorias: I CAN'T HOLD IT ORNSTEIN! Artorias: I have to fulfill this mission. I can't leave the princess at the mercy of Manus *Clenches fist* Ornstein: Excuse me Artorias, who the ***** is she now? Artorias: *Dignified bow* Princess dusk. Ornstein: Where does she come from? Artorias: *Holds his arms out in a shrug* I don't know. Ornstein: And whose daughter is she? Artorias: I have no idea. Ornstein: What's her name again? Artorias: Dusk. Ornstein: And who is she? Artorias: I DON'T KNOW WHO THE ***** SHE IS Ornstein: THEN WHY THE ***** YOU WANT TO SAVE HER IF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THE ***** IS SHE? *Flails his arms* Artorias: BUT I'VE GOT THE WOLF *Holds out the pup yet again* Ornstein: It's more like a rat now... Artorias: It will become a FEROCIOUS BEAST *Holds the pup into the air as a blue light of epicness shines from it* Ornstein: And what the ***** do I say to Gwyn?? Artorias: Just tell him that I went to accomplish the mission for which I will be remembered... Artorias: ....For which I will be revered... Artorias: ..And for which it will also be created a *****ing fanservice club of dancing murderers who take possession of the abyss and kill each other.. *Dramatically holds hand out in front of himself* Artorias: *Clenches fist* ***** that's style! Artorias: *D a b* ***** that's style! Ornstein: Well, but...I mean... Ornstein: ...You come back, right? You kill Manus and you come back *Points at Artorias* Artorias: Ornstein, look at me. Artorias: *Holds hand out towards the right as a huge *****ing shield floats up* I have a huge *****ing shield. Artorias: *Sword appears and leans on his chest, which he nuzzles with* A gigantic sword. Artorias: *Slowly runs his hand over the pup* A *****ing wolf Artorias: *Poses with his arms outwards and head tilted up, and blue light shines behind him* And I'm cool as hell Artorias: How could I not come back? Ornstein: You know...Gwyn will get mad at me...Ciaran will get mad too.. Ornstein: Gough won't give a *****, but the others, oh, they would be pissed you know Artorias: Ornstein, I'll come back, don't worry *Thumbs up as he starts walking away* Artorias: I'm going! Ornstein: Well...Do as you like Artorias: *Is suddenly in the abyss, holding his sword on his shoulder* MANUS! Artorias: ...You will perish by my- *Instantly squished and crushed by Manus's enormous hand*
***** you wasted so much time writing this
It was supposed to have spaces inbetween, but it didn't work. Rip
such an underrated post. i love it
I loved that video
The helmet opening literally looks like a vaginal slit, artorias original concept art was meant to be red until they noticed this
What kind of vaginal slits have you been seeing? Idk anyone with a tri-edged vajayjay
I think you are member of IRL Vaginal Covenant who sees vagina behind every corner.
I'm in ng++ qnd i forgot to buy this set in the first walkthrough why i can't buy it anymore?
If you killed Emma to get to Lothric Castle/Untended Graves early than it could be that the Abyss Watcher are still alive in your current playthrough. Check the vendor again after defeating the Watcher, also I believe that the Hornet Ring appears near the Abandoned Shrine with the same event trigger.