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Does killing the firekeeper in anor londo prevent you from joining blade of the darkmoon ?
It will not prevent joining
Does it count as betrayal if already joined ?
if you kill any firekeeper i will kill you too
I ate mine, I don't give a f@@k
kinda stupid you can only get up to +4 on the first playtrough without having to kill any fire keeper
Why does this have more downvotes? It is stupid you can't get a high flask without killing named NPCs that help your mission by providing rest.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't +7 impossible to get in one playthrough? You can get your hands on 7 fire keeper souls but then you have no place to turn in the last one?
Its called new game +
He said in one playthrough, so I'm assuming he's not counting NG+
Ate it like a dumb@$$ didn’t realize what I had done until right after. Damb
I can't pick up the one behind the giant in undead perish. I am NG+ does that have anything to do with it?
same, I can't seem to pick it up in ng+ for some reason