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you can summon slave knight gael without being embered
The grab attack in phase 3 has a special death animation (Your character wont scream when killed)
For everyone who has trouble with Friede, just get a couple of your buddies and all use the BKGA and just yeet the ***** over and over. I’ve siloed her with BKGA on ng6 in under 5 minutes. She never moved an inch because of stun lock. Have a wonderful day
When Friede turns invisible during the first and third phase of the fight, any throwing knives / kukris you have hit her with remain visible. So make sure she has a knife or two stuck on her at all times, and look for knives floating in the air when she turns invisible. Makes avoiding her scythe sweep in the first phase quite easy, and helps you get into position to punish her three-shot frost / black flame attack in the third phase.
Just another Bloodborne boss in Dark Souls. At least in BB you are as fast as enemies... Also it has the same issue as many DS2 bosses - you're probably gonna get killed before you get up from the ground.
Had problem with her invisibility, then I learn her pattern and hint of where shes heading and I just love it when she goes invisible in phase 1 and 3, literally openning for backstab. Not as good as some youtubers but no problem beating her and Papa at Ariendal SL 13 with dark hand solo. Backstab through phase 1, punch Papa's butt and retreat from her AoE for phase 2, punish her scythe grab and invisibility move in phase 3, in short happy fisting the heck out of their butt
Nobody: Not a single ashen one: Fromsoft: HERE HAVE FUN WITH THIS BOSS!!!
So, I looked through the comments, and I didn't see one person post that you can actually track Sister Friede's "invisibility." When she "turns invisible" she actually just jumps in the air and lands in a different spot in the room, typically behind you. If you're quick enough with the camera, you can track her movement to where she lands. She'll be in her wind-up motion, so you can easily land 2-3 hits on her since she has little poise. This works best in Phase 1. Phase 3 is more difficult to track her since she has alot more space she can jump to.


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Maybe I prefer comments about pain and suffering? And Death?
Strategy 1 is f**king terrible. TONS AND TONS OF WORDS THAT BARELY SAY ANYTHING MORE THAN "This is an attack she does. Do this to avoid it." BUT OVER LIKE THREE F**KING PARAGRAPHS. Whoever wrote that must think they are incredibly smart and awesome because they give tips after like PARAGRAPHS of text. JESUS CHRIST. The strats after that are amazing in comparison. Why? BECAUSE IT TAKES TWO MINUTES TO SEE WHAT YOU NEED TO DO. JESUS. F**KING. CHRIST.
She's not that bad. I used a BKGS and just stayed aggressive. You can poise through her regular 2 hit combo even in her 3rd phase.