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This spell is odd did testing with cheating to see how it scales and it does not scale normal. A character with 70 int and 17 summon will get around 500 armor, but with Lohse at 52 int and 10 summon she gets 780 armor, all level 16. So the game is given her a HUGE buff to use this spell/skill.
I think you missed the hydrosophist perk on increasing mag armor from skills.So the difference is due to this and not the character being Lohse. I haven't tested it though. So I might be wrong.
I dont have experience modding this game and unfortunately I don't have the time to learn at the moment. Do you guys where I could ask a modder to restore the looks of the new version of this spell to the old one! Imo the old one is awesome. I've searched in different sites for the mod for DE but i can't seem to find it anywhere! Pls help:)
yeah, I got 2 copies as well, with Lohse in my crew. This made the rest of the playthru pretty op. it was awesome ;D
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Just pointing out that it is possible to get multiple copies of this skillbook (PC, DE). I did the quests as normal on my 2-character lone wolf run and I received a copy for both characters by just talking to him with each character after the quest was finished. One guy hadn't talked to him before, so we ran through both the Jahan intro dialogue and then the quest completion, which gave him the book and no extra xp.
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