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Holy***** no salt? I’m *****in happy
It has 116 physical and 121 dark as of now at plus 10 with c/d/a/a
@the anon 2 down: i don't even get why people complain about the LKS, let alone this. It's literally just a normal performance straight sword. No 10 extra crit, less reach, same damage. It's an inferior LKS. At most, all it has on LKS is that the r2 combos instead of repeated thrusts, but who uses 2 r2s?
good players?
"Good players?", what's "good" about choosing the longsword r2s over everything i just listed about the lks when the lks has more combo damage? R1, r1, r2....
Looking at the moveset, i guess the LS has r1, r1, r2 also. So, the only difference is that LKS has higher crit and more reach. I'd say it's okay to use the LS, bit LKS is still the better choice just based on reach. It's a spacing weapon.
The main reason to use a LS is because of its stat reqs. Literally every class can use this weapon with minimal to no stat investment. LKS costs 9 more stat points, which especially under sl120, makes a huge difference.
Double r2 roll catches after double r1. Less stat req, crystal infusion performs better, raw infusion performs better at low level as well, this weapons is still really *****ing good what do you mean
Y’know, with my Ledo’s there was almost no fight club I couldn’t dominate. I then went to Rosaria and made a quality build. Sword and Board. Average knight. 50/50 chance of me winning every time. I’m no longer the strongest guy in the room. I lose. I’m the underdog in this brutal world and this metal suit is supposed to protect me? Impossible odds. No more staggering bosses into oblivion. No more one shoting PvPers. I’m now the average knight. And I love it.
Very first weapon belonging to the very first starting class. Amazing move set with two completely useful weapon art moves. Fine damage with just about any infusion, melee at least ... little stamina cost allowing you to keep pressure and consistent attacks and next to no weight. A flawless weapon with no effort required to obtain.