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I won’t call him unfair because I did manage to beat him (with valtr) however I did not enjoy fighting him. The orphan kicked my *** quite a few times yet I still consider him one of my favorite bosses. Even Ludwig I enjoy once i get past the insufferable first phase. But Lawrence? I found him aggravating. His attacks were a pain in the *** to dodge, and he has a ***** ton of health plus doing a ***** ton of damage. Couple that with the fact that a good chunk of his attacks are hard af to read (for me anyway) made him into possibly my least favorite boss in my soulsborne experience (and this is counting Sekiro with the *****ing blazing bull. Lol) I beat him to get the achievement but will likely never fight him again, especially if I go thru on a no+ run. Think of me what you will. Lol
Fighting him for the first time on NG+ with 36 vit. This is absolutely ridiculous. One of his hits in his long chain of attacks takes off about 70% of my health (because he hits twice due to fire) and then he immediately hits me again, killing me, before I have the chance to do anything. He also has an objectively broken grab which (and I have a recording to prove this) doesn't even need to actually hit you for him to pick you up. I was literally floating about a metre from him in his grab animation. I'm also only dealing about a pixel of his health bar each time I hit him, so I can't take 2 hits in a row without healing (which is almost impossible because he allows for almost no room to breathe) whilst also hitting him about 500 times (hyperbole, probably). Yeah, seems fair. There's not even any real reason for me to kill him, because blood echoes are irrelevant and I don't care about the rune, but hey. Miyazaki presented me with this challenge and if I refuse to complete that makes me a casul, right? (And if I want to fight him in NG I'll also have to start a new character from scratch and level that up a bunch, which I don't really feel like doing)
All I have to say about him is.....WORST....BOSS...EVER!!!
git gud casual
All the Sekiro noobs finally tried Bloodborne and are now crying about Laurence. Lol Just beat him with only 1 hit taken on NG+4. Git Gud Nubz. Laurence is the real Demon of Hatred. Probably the same people who have been talking crap on BB for years and never played it and now they realize they were wrong all along. Muhahahaha
Lmao imagine being this guy
How does the ***** stay dry around you?
Ah, Laurence. The first Vicar, the Consumer of Salt, the Killer of Casuals. One of my favorite bosses, because he's one of the few bosses in BloodBorne that noobs will ***** about being unfair since they don't know where the circle button is. Seems familiar... Visions of Deep Dragon...
There is no harder you could try, tough guy.
This boss would be so much better if the lava didn't stagger you on top of everything else
This thing is complete *****ing bull*****on NG+ i killed it on NG with 1 try and thought: ''Hey, i've beaten it before, i'll beat it again, no big deal''. But NOPE, even with full Charred Hunter set and 60 points in Vitality, this thing killed me in 2 hits. What the *****? A variety of moves and some have almost identical animations so it's hard to tell which one it is until already too late, all that plus the staggering flame, why the ***** is the flame causing stagger? I enjoy a challenge and all but this thing is way way overpowered (on NG+ only tho, seems all of The Old Hunters Bosses are very much more powerful on NG+)
Have you beaten it yet?
Yes, after 3 hours of constant defeats, i stopped playing, go outside to get some fresh air, came back a few hours later and finally killed it after 3 tries. Probably the most satisfying victory i've ever had after 100 hours of Bloodborne.
He creates a good opening on the 3rd phase when he starts to spit fire on you : just unlock the camera and run to the left-forward to him and close to his right(your left) side, hit him 3-4 times and back of behind-left him,(watch for the lava) he wont catch you with the sweep if you roll away fast enough. Killed him on the 2nd try with Valtr as meatshield. Valtr survived


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Love how they took the first boss of the game and just made it spicy and unfair. All of the bosses in this game I have had fun fighting. Not this one.