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I doubt it's the "true ending". If something like this even exists. The special unique secret ending in DS3 is the Dark Lord ending (Londor wins!). The formula "hard to obtain means true ending" doesn't work in the Soulsborne series.
How do you know that the Dark Lord ending is not the "true" ending, if any of them are? With no later game, and one unlikely to ever happen, there's no knowing how Dark Souls 3 canonically ends, if any ending is canon. It's also not a "bad ending" just because Londor wins; this would imply that Londor are unquestionably the "bad guys" and there's really no such thing. Personally I think the Dark Lord ending is the best ending for humanity by far! The "link the fire" ending doesn't accomplish anything, you just pushed back the end by a little bit more (unlike in Dark Souls 1 the relit flame isn't even very strong, so you probably barely did anything at all). The end of fire isn't really much better, just letting the world go dark with the implication that the flame will, one day, return... and the whole sorry cycle just repeat. Again, not much really achieved. With the Londor ending you're doing something -new-, giving humanity a chance to exist beyond the reach of the Gods and their selfish acts. No longer are humans slaves to the will of the gods, forced to carry out the path they set in order to cling desperately to their own faded power. Londor is considered sinister and untrustworthy by everyone, not because they actually want anything evil, but because they want to throw off the status quo that everyone else is too comfortable with to see how bad it is for everyone.
But the end of fire is the natural state of the world at that point, which has rotted and warped precisely because the age of fire was prolonged so far past its proper duration. The age of fire will return eventually, yes, but the age of fire itself is not inherently bad; it's only Gwynn's bastardization of it out of fear of what came next that was bad. The Dark Lord ending on the other hand is an unknown, really; we don't know exactly what it entails, whether we started the Age of Dark in that ending as well (just keeping the power of the Lords for ourselves in the process), or if we created something new.
How can you tell how many umbilical cords you've eaten thus far?
there are 4, it´s not that hard to keep count
umbilical cords.. mmm yummy
has anyone tried proposing to Arianna before blood moon? like go thru cainhurst and use kneel emote on Arianna before speaking
Who is still playing still? (I’m still playing)
me too
As am I
I am.
I still join the hunt even after obtaining the platinum trophy.
I just finished my first playthrough! Love this game and have no idea how I'll enjoy other games now that I've played this masterpiece
I collected 3 of them in my ng+ run and didt use it but moon precence ending triggered. I couldnt get my 3. Endng ***** : /
you have to use it
Moon presence ending occurs if you fight Gehrman. You fight the moon presence if you use the 3 cords.