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Do the Cords youve already consumed carry over to NG+? Aka if I eat 3 in NG, will I be locked out from the regular Gherman fight ending in any NG+ after that because the Moon Presence boss triggers? I dont want to miss an ending if thats the case.
Your cords don't carry over to NG+, they're removed from your inventory. New Game endings don't affect New Game + endings.
I started NG+ and so far it isnt hard at all, my Ludwig's Holy Blade being at 10+ plus awesome blood gems and my stats being 40 vitality and 35 endurance and 40 skills with 30 bloodtinge and arcane, this makes NG+ for the first time look like Easy XD get these stats and weapon and you just basically exploited easy mode XD
Of course you find the game easy, you're grossly overleveled. Why would you brag about ruining the game for yourself?

P.S. Ludwig's Holy Blade is 4 casuls git gud
Wow, the other anonymous commenter is kind of an ***. Ludwig's Blade is an okay weapon, it does its job well.
That one anon is an idiot... The ludwigs is strong but hard to use due to being very alow in 2 handed, and in 1 handed it's like some others and in my opinion, a good weapon. That being said, you not only didnt say your strength score, but your stats are all over. Looks good though.
I was under leveled and had my hunter’s axe at +9 and I was smeared across the wall
Haven't a clue what's happened to my game ive completed it im back in hunters dream and I cannot begin ng+ all lamps are still available and no bosses spawn..
Have you fought the final boss?
Started NG+4 and maybe it's just my imagination but the bosses' health pools seem dramatically increased over NG+3.
It's because the health goes up by a percent instead of a set number.
This may be super late but can I obtain blood rocks after NG +7? I plan to play about 20 play throughs on my main character. And wondered if I am able to collect 40 blood rocks. (Included with the dlc blood rock)
i'm not NG+7 myself but you should be able to get 40 bloodstones in 20 playthroughs yeah.
to add, you can also do chalice dungeons to get blood rocks and/or buy bloodrocks with insight
Thanks mate. I haven't played futher than ng+5. I get bored of playing the same character over and over again. So I delete them.
Lol mother brain why didnt i think of that


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Lol, why would anyone want to start Bloodborne over? Truly we live in the age of gaming masochism.
I would play bloodborne more than NG++++++



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I have been playing the series since Dark Souls first came out. I have 1 save alone on like NG+55-60ish from over all these years (regular playthroughs, speed runs, challenge runs, cosplay runs, etc). And that's just my old main character save from 8 years ago, doesnt include the dozens of other saves I've made over the years (specific builds, sl1 runs, challenge runs, etc), and now with remastered since it released. I have a character on NG+12 in BB. Plus a bunch of other saves/builds. These games have amazing replay value and are truly addicting.


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Can you design a new character on NG+?
if you buy armor from the echoes messengers and go into ng+, can you get that armor again?
All the weapons and armour you have carry over into New game plus.