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So,I think the Great Ones need surrogate childs to form a dream or ¿to capture a world in that dream? So the MP aka moonpresence with gerhams dream made the hunters dream world.And many paralkel timeline is seen in bloodborne but the most notable is the birth of mergo.I think the moon becoming orage is the sign of a to be born mergo.As mergo itself is a Great one and surrogate child and natural,I think he can exceed even great ones.So the MP is trying to stop it by the hunter.
So i think the incomplete mergo attacks you in its uncomplete form to stop you(Which is the boss) but failed and the hunters(You and the other players) kill mergos wet nurse that also kills murgo.
But the TWIST is as even as incomplete great one Mergo is repeatedly trying to be born and MP is repeatedly stoping it by summonig hunters.This results in endless hunt.
Now as a flaw of my speculationis What are you then when you kill MP and become a baby great one.¿Complete Mergo or some other species type of great one?(As Mergo is not tentacle type or something),
Correct me if Im wrong.
Bloodborne fuked up my mind with its lore, and now, with all this time-fuk1ng thing its like i feel only stoopeed hoonter
I just watched the most hilarious lore video to date!! We should so totally get them to cover more of this stuff
Major problem with Hunter lore: It says in this page that hunters are not unique to Yharnam, but we have no evidence of that. The page says that the protagonist and Eileen were hunters despite being foreigners but Eileen explicitly came to Yharnam to be cured and THEN became a hunter and that same thing happened to the protagonist. Neither were hunters before coming to Yharnam and neither even knew about the Scourge of the Beasts or The Hunt.
I'm not sure where this comes from, but according to this wiki Yamamura's quest to kill a specific beast led him to Yharnam, which to me suggests that the beastly scourge happened elsewhere and warrior classes were formed to combat them. Like I said, not sure where that info came from
I must admit that in no other Souls-series game have I been so captivated by the lore. I have spent several hours on here reading page-long essays about what Kos has for breakfast. Thank you to everyone who compiled all of this great information!
Thought: in the ending when you actually become an infant great one you seem to be a creature that lacks eyes. Does this suggests Willem was erring with his obsession of eyes in the brain?
If we consider Rom and all the Umbilical Cord desc. than no. He wasnt wrong. He was probably one of the closest. Eyes are a heavily played upon concept in the game. Umbilical Cords all have eyes on them and to ascend we must consume them. So....
Reading all these theories and explanations, I am wondering more and more, when exactly Great Oedon died. Can someone help me with any clues? Before or later than the nameless moon appeared for the first time? Both Oedon Chapel and Tomb stands in Central Yharnam, but it's not clear was their construction dated to "death" or to the fall of the Old Yharnam.
The inconsistency in writing style while reading this drove me nuts. This is the only wiki I've ever read that actually sounds like it was written by 30 different people. Also, the constant grammatical errors are extremely jarring.
Then fix it
C´mon y´all what exactly were you expecting from Miyazki-san/From Software? A cookie cutter, garden variety game lore. We all know how they love to roll in Soulsborne: it's like a kinda fill in the blank thing. No evidence from game lore to link A to C, just wing it with your imagination! Unless you fail completely with the in-game lore you can just about say every logical theory you have read could be possible....And this is why I will miss the Soulsborne series more than any other series out. From was so freaking genius deliberately eaving certain lore links out so we, the player, could make our own conclusions, or interpretations. That is why our community is one of the most intelligent, most thought out communities out there. I, for one, am very proud to be a part of this talented (sometimes a little salty) community. Let the hunt continue, let the lighting and extinguishing of the First Flame be a cycle due to Gwyn's tampering. It's not like we're going to be getting anymore sequel at time soon, unfortunately. I mean I'd love to have a BB sequel, yeah?-Hf57893
I left out my own theory that involves a certain plot in the dlc...Time travel/inter-dimensions, in regards to Brador. I took it he knew the PC (you), and though he wears the skinned hide of a Cleric Beast, his outfit description kinda says it's foreign, like your hunter's attire after your blood infusion at the beginning... And please let us not forget Marvelous Chester from Dark Soul's dlc. Many have flirted with the theory he may have came from BB's world. Just.....How exactly?-Hf57893
I don’t really understand why anyone downvoted you but yeah it’d be awesome for a BB sequel
The writing style in the "Theories" section needs a lot of work. Certain word choices were baffling, sentence structure is very disjointed, and it comes across as self-indulging at times. I read the entire page, but this section is what made me scroll all the way down to comment, since I really could not tolerate another paragraph.