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Its possible to lose out on the ring entirely if you're unlucky.
Was going through the game with a new character when I was invaded in the Cathedral. The guy tried to lure me into fighting him and the activated abomination at the same time, so I just threw Firebombs at both of them. The thing then jumped up and somehow caught its legs on the little ledges surrounding the room, started walking sideways and fell through the map.
I quit the game after the invader was dead, came back, no ring.
I left the area, came back, no ring.
I closed the PS4, came back, no ring.
Its not that its super important or anything, just kind of a ***** move to not make that item drop retract to the room just in case something like this happens.


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this is on e of the many reasons why i hate invasions and even more the einvaders, though there are rare instances where invaders are kind of ok.
It is also possible to lose the ring by dying at the same time that you defeat the abomination. Just now fought him, and we both dealt each other a death blow at the same moment. Came back, no ring, no abomination, no sympathy. That's what you get. That's what you get.
Simple Cætus (both hands; main hand swapped in and out as FP needs demand) + Aldrich's ring (equipped when FP is required) = effective infinite FP use.

The 'mana' system in Souls games has always been wack -- spanning broken (DS) to stupid (DkS) to garbage (DS2) to tolerable (DS3). The game literally forces players to use a melee weapon of some kind, unless playing strictly as a back-up 'caster' class in co-op.

The irony being, that if the games had have had PROPER, MANUALLY-OPERATED, CROSS-HAIR BASED AIMING MECHANICS, they could have implemented a genuine magic / mana system, without breaking the games' balance -- i.e., the learning curve of the control schemes, would have served as the difficulty hurdle -- just like in any shooter game. However, with the games defaulting to using their infamously clunky and often times death-inducing lock-on aiming scheme, they've had to balance magic using its 'fuel' -- which renders the magic builds of all 'Souls' games, a distant last--in the character class tier hierarchy.
I was completely blindsided by how viable this thing is
This ring will be useful for mages and weapon art users if they can land a critical. Just have a dagger in your hand. It will prevent players from having to use Ashen estus flasks and even estus flasks if you have healing spells.
This + ruby + left and right eye of pontiff should be good, WA stance guardbreak noobs and profit
Currently using this ring on a critical build with the Hornet Ring and a Sharp Dagger. Each backstab one-shots most players gives me back three Quickstep uses. With an FP pool of 120; I have almost no need for Ashen Estus. Especially useful in PvE.
This bugged for me unfortunately. I was fighting the beast with two fellow phantoms, and the beast jumped and died mid-air, it got caught on the lip of the wall and got stuck, died just high enough where I couldn't reach the loot. I guess I'll have to wait until NG+.
Just reload the area.