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This dude was... Interesting. Every time I've fought him (... Like 3 times...) I killed him just after the '10 minutes remaining' message. Definitely time consuming, but kind of fun. He is a bit underwhelming though, you learn the moves and you've basically won. Best design though, he looks incredible! Also, would you say his armour and weapons are worth it? (mainly glaive and light bowgun)
His armor set is apparently the best elder dragon set for Light Bowguns.
I'm a hammer main on my way doing this dude's quest thought I'm well prepared just keep hammering his feets and it took me 36 min OTL his hp pool is maybe 2 times larger than other elder dragons and he keep charging( changing his position ) or flying and I can't seem to find any pods around him lol also there's barely any environments at all just one ledge on the first fighting area and a few
Wait, you don’t mount Zorah Magdaros? Did I hallucinate that entire mission?
try using insect glaive for the first time at this boy (some people said it works on him pretty well) he got to hit me only a few times and when he hit me I just go extract his tail for free heal although I need run around from his head front legs and back legs to rebuff