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***** this *****ing stupid arena
This arena is a freakin nightmare.
This Arena is the true definition of hell.
i realy like the arena its a fun alternative that streaches your understanding of the weapon and game mechanics that may not be in your safe zone
*Deep breath* This isn't going to be fun...


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This one is pretty tough. Limited flash pods mean Azure Rathalos stays in the air. A lot. Hammer is best bet for keeping him grounded. And you can use climbable ropes around the arena to leap attack at Azure Rathalos dealing a good chunk of damage on the way down, if not mounting him. The bow might be another okay pick, but I'd think the low DPS would make the fight painfully slow. And it's not a fight you want to spend a lot of time on.
If you seriously want to beat this for the hunter coins to unlock the Brigade set I suggest using the bounce bombs while it's on the ground that way it's easier to hit. Also when low HP you can use Farcaster or simply put it to sleep with the knives so you can recover without having to leave the fight. Also let's you reposition to attack a certain part you may not have broken.