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I'm sort of a new player on Dark souls and I've kinda been struggling to keep my souls. Is there anyway or any sort of tactic to keeping my souls?
not really a tric but a way of level up : go back when you have enough souls to level up. And combine the souls you collect from enemies and the souls you can loot and use later to have enough souls to level up when you need to.

Like this you will level up faster and the game will be easier.


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You'll always lose your souls upon death, unless wearing a ring of sacrifice. If not wearing a ring of sacrifice then you'll have one life to reclaim your souls. The souls will be gone forever if you die on your way to reclaim them. If you want tips on how not to die, then just be very cautious, especially around corners. And never deplete your stamina bar completely, you'll need it in case your enemy recovers faster than your stamina replenishes. But as I'm sure you've probably noticed death is pretty much unavoidable. Hope this helps a bit. -Xerxes
Most important "trick" to dark souls is being patient and keeping your calm. Patient meaning that if you keep losing souls try to not lose your head. Watch the enemies moves and get familiar with them. Being familiar will lead to calmness and being calm can let you do 1 thing. Wait for the opportune moment to hit. Openings will present themself, so no need to get hot headed. Also don't stay right in front of the enemies and wait for the dodge roll until the last moment.
If none of the other suggestions work you can always use a homeward bone to return to firelight with the souls you already have but this is best used when you have a large amount of souls and know that you can't make it to a bonfire
Take the maps slowly, 1 guy at a time, clear the Entire area before proceeding to the next part of the map until you level up enough to comfortably find/kill your way to the boss. It takes a lot of time but there will be less deaths and less stress haha.. oh! and summon a pal if your into that they can help a lot too!
or you could just git gud
Die less.
Homeward bone
I am already level 73 str/dex build, I plan to use heal spells only and I already have heal, I plan to increase my attunement slot but I don't know how when I am at the bonfire the Level Up, where do I go? I am playing the prepare to die edition
there is a ring called "Saint's Ring" it gives you 1 attunement slot by wearing it. Also I think once you raise the attunement stat to level 9 or 10 you get your 1st attunement slot from that stat.
This is the Dark Souls 3 wiki, you might want this one

Increasing your attunement level gives you more miracle/spell slots in Dark Souls 1. There's also a couple rings which give you more slots. Increasing faith also helps make your miracles stronger.
Looking for someone to play ds3 with that has a Mic ask me on instagram. @ blazeit_jesus
How can I hold my right hand weapon in both hands as opposed to the left hand?
Press triangle
Hold Y or triangle
DS3 world is much wider than DS2, only there are not many things to recover like DS2.