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Where is my boy Paladin Leeroy? ;-; Egone is a Carim knight, not the way of white.
this thread is dead alr
Does any one know what the one pygmy npc in the Ringed City after the Demon Princes and before the Mausoleum Lookout? Does he just tell you what you should do for Filianore? Does he give you anything? I notice he disappear once you go for Slave Knight Gael.



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That's not Judicator Argo.
nah thats judicator fargo my dude
What about the Pyromancer npc in the Ringed City? That you encounter once you go up the big tree?



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hes under the invader tab b/c he doesn't have a dialogue option
My favorite NPC is Hawkwood. Your favorite?
The Firekeeper :D and Orbeck
I've been searching for this damn line of dialogue for such a long time now, but I can't find it anywhere. I can't remember what NPC it was, but I'm in search of this particular word. It was sounded something like "gnave" and I can remember looking up the meaning of it and it basically meant a poor farmer. Does anyone have an idea what word I'm looking for and what NPC says it? thanks
"Ahh, sweet Champion. Leaving so soon? Please, come back in good time. I am frightened. Of the dark that gnaws away at me." That's what Irina of Carim says after buying every Dark Miracle from her.
You might be thinking of the work 'Knave' which is an insult.
There also one more npc that u meet in a cave after just entering the painted world dlc


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also those hollow kings when you are at the mausoleum bonfire and gaels bonfire
Whos the *****in crawling guy in the ringed city
A pygmy lord me. Please.....
y hate Locust Preacher
You forgot the cage monster that talks about nana