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I have been invaded many times and would say I have about 70 % success in defending and defeating them. However I had something happen last night that has never happened before ( I’m green at this game ). This invader killed me and never hit me. Every time I hit him I was getting damaged by my offensive strikes. Some kind of damage feedback. I’m really not sure. What was he using and how do I combat that if it happens again in the future

Also. If I’m invaded is there a way to summon allies? Or does the game automatically do that when you are invaded?


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If the invader had properties such as damage return, it's very likely they were using a hack, engine, or trainer to apply that to themselves, as it is not possible in the actual game itself.

After being invaded, if you equip the Way of Blue covenant, blue spirits of other players that are part of either Blue Sentinels or Blade of the Darkmoon will automatically be summoned into your world to help you kill the invader.
Alternatively, you could still summon players who have their sign down after getting invaded, you just can't put yours down.

Hope this helped!
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