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Shiva of the east? more like shiva the deceased lol
Get good scrub
Sick burn
This weapon is the new meta
it's been meta since the game came out you clown. Dead angles for days; too bad you can't dead angle anymore in the remaster
no da = hard nerf
it's like 50% of what made the weapon good, besides the unparryable running attacks :( super sad for the "remaster"
Ya try hard R1 spammin baboons need 2 Stop using OP weapons like this and GIT GUD u f*cking ****!!
lol you sound garbage


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Stop being a baby and increase your poise
"STOP KICKING MY *** AND GIT GUD" You sound like you're the one who hasn't played enough of this game to be decent at it, not them.
Clearly, if someone is destroying you THEY should "git gud", not you. 600 IQ statement right here.
You suck filthy casual
Sounds like Shiva made you Deceased.
Just toggle out dumbass
A dex build needs 19 strength to wield one? Time to work out
It’s worth it, I’m addicted to this things move set
makes my*****hard
Not a really good weapon imo.