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***** me, the only person I bothered to kill him on was my sorcerer and I never picked up the set before going to NG+. Oh well, it's a*****ty set, to be honest. Way too heavy to roll in without stacking all your points in vitality AND wearing DLC Havel's Ring and it doesn't even offer damage protection that justifies the investment. Maybe I'll make a beefy character with Gundyr's set. I want a strength character with a heavy set who can roll. For PvE, obviously, though not sucking in PvP is a plus.
rip poise 2011-2016
In order to utilize the full Havel Set, Including the Shield and Tooth, you need 78 Vitality. 78. With Havel's+3, Fap+3, and Gundyr's. At least 79 to be able to use Caestus for parrys/quick attacks.
*Makes poise only useful for great weapons* *Max poise set too heavy to use with great weapons* Well done, Miyazaki.
At lvl 100, (with full Havels Set, and Havels Greatshield, and Dragon Tooth)......with Ring Of Favor+3, Prisoners Chain and Havels Ring+3, you have exactly 100% encumbrance. (Meaning you can still roll and run.)
Plus any ring that weighs 0.8 or lighter. Mine was Ring of Steel Protection+3. Forgot to add that. You'll be slightly under 100% if you leave that out.
Mentions absolutely nothing of your stats..
You need 46 vitality to equip the full set / weapon / shield and the +3 rings to stay under 100%.
are you havel a laugh