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If ur using this against a pyro put on a straight sword or any quick weapon or else you’ll probably get punished for that WA. It’s a little too slow. Just make sure to keep in a pyros close range. If they fire surge or demon scar well... good luck. I’m a pyro so I know this
Also forgot to say it’s WA isn’t op get a spear out poke them if ur a melee
Uh, Anyone have a spare Gael's Greatsword?
I don’t know anyone who would give up Gael’s Greatsword. Earn it yourself ashen one...
Excellent for wrecking scrubs, bad for fashion souls
I believe holding a broken, rusty greatsword gives a feel of a ''collapsed'' knight, so fab souls still checks in
Dont listen to this casul timbo it does look cool
I dont understand,It's use titanite Scales or Twinkling Titanites to upgrades?
titanite scales
can i parry with this equipped? if so what are the keys to do so for keyboard defaults?


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Equip a shield that has "parry" as weapon art or a fist weapon like caestus, crow talons or something of that sort in your off hand and then if you one hand the Gael's GS you will be able to preform a parry.


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Not sure why a question gets Downvotes. Sadly this doesn't offer the same wielding options as DkS2. In fact DkS3 has less off-hand Parry moves than DkS1 even
It got downvotes because It's a dumb question.
This sword uses titanite scales, not twinkling titanite to upgrade.
This weapon wouldn't happen to get the same FP siphon buff as The executioner's greatsword, would it? It is an Executioner's sword after all...
You see, when you use a weapon long enough and wear it down, it actually turns into a completely different weapon. The more you know.
How well does this perform in PVE? Havent beaten Gael yet, I'm currently using the Executioner's GS but wanna know if this is an upgrade or sidegrade.
Sadistic. The stagger from WA is really good.
It's a beast in every sense of the word the moveset is already among one of the greatsword ones because of the pokes and poise frames but it has a true combo with the WA as well (R1+L2+R1) with which my 40 strength and 18 dex character did around 550-700 damage consistently and most importantly it looks cool
It's locked away behind some of the hardest bosses of DS3 and a potencial human invader. It cannot be buffed or infused or has a powerstance. A good pve weapon it is but not an outstanding one with all these cons.
Woah did that man just say Gaels gs has cons? It’s also the only GS that has a unique 2h follow up
couldnt find it anywhere, but this wa does not suffer diminishing returns with insufficient fp. I.e. having no fp does not matter. you still get the full poise and damage. Use that for a min max build
Liar ahead.
Keep in mind your stamina consumption goes way higher and ull be left stamina less
looks like the Lepers sword from darkest dungeon
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