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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

You get the spell Pestilent mercury from the sage scroll and not the golden scroll
Golden Scroll is locate at Farron Keep.
You do not get this sorcery from the Golden scroll. It is currently available in the sorcerer shop, while none of the other sorceries from the Golden scroll are, and I literally just picked up the Golden scroll, it's still in my inventory.
You do not get Pestilent Mercury* from the Golden scroll.
Got pestilent memory from golden scroll, maybe its based on amount of scrolls given?
Give Orbeck one scroll of any kind and it becomes available.
Easy way is from FARON KEEP bonfire. Go through Wolfs Gate and hug right until you reach the candles on right. Drop down and hug wall until you get to the cave.
Fe Xtra life does an amazing job at this wiki and I appreciate every bit of it! Thank you!!
you like the pikes pages? there’s barely any information
I am not replying to this comment but to the reply... there are almost 1000 items in dark souls 3 so if u want to make that many pages then go ahead. This is so much bettter than fandom because of the information give
Very well thought out and put together site. Keep it up!
The description of where to go is wrong as *****. go to Farron keep perimeter then turn around and drop down the opening in the wall just before the sitting enemy. Then simply go to the right and there’s the cave opening.
thanks man
This is helpful as*****e thx man.
it says that in "Faster Route:"