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I am his ***** right now
R1 Spamming: The Boss
I had a harder time with this guy than any other boss, including Orphan and the Defiled chalice bosses. After 10 deaths I got pissed off enough to cheese him with lead elixirs. In my defense, I really wanted the plat trophy and wanted to get past him asap. Now that I have 100% of the trophies, I think I'll recreate the chalice and try to beat him fairly. Just thinking about it makes my head hurt though.
Using an item like lead elixir is not cheese.
Easy strategy: When he starts the swing combo take one backstep and shoot directly after the backstep. This will almost always stagger him for a visceral. Works for both his one bladed and two bladed movesets.
Moonlight greatsword on an appropriate build makes mincemeat of him
in my experience parry fishing wasn't really worth it. just quickstep upper right for all of his attacks, R1 him a couple times, then backstab chain while he's trying to do his phase 2 transformation. trying to parry got me killed more often than not (or I'd run out of bullets)
Why even mention parrying his forward quickstep? He SELDOM ever does this and when he does, it's when you're not expecting it and is incredibly hard to parry. Fighting him normally works much better.
I literally beat this guy in less than a minute by doing nothing but parrying this attack 5 times, so I feel like he does do this fairly often.
Looking at his defenses and how easy he is to stagger, Wheel with rapid poison and flat arc might be a fairly good strategy.
This is how my friend died to the boss: My friend started making fun of the boss because each time it would attack it would make a "Humph" sound effect. My friend start to mimic the sound when he would attack in act of mockery. One thing leads to another and they're both attacking and more importantly Humphing each other. Laughing hysterically and unable to see the screen clearly he dies with a all powerful Humph to his characters head.Fun times.
Quite thrilling
L2 of the holy moonlight sword is much more effective per bullet than parrying. You'll poise through one of his hits and either stagger or send him flying, plus the arcane dmg hits hard