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I do have to say it is a good weapon so far in my playthrough, (just beat crystal sage and made mince meat out of the boss fight) and I recommend it for people that are struggling. I haven't tried it in pvp nor do I plan it.
The dark hand is really good for pvp I know cuz I invade with it
can you parry then use WA? oh god , if you can actually do this , god bless the new characters being invaded by this in high wall , god bless you
yeah parry wa seems to be the thing, just make sure to unequip your parry tool (caestus mostly) befor arting or youll just art your offhand
Can you Parry the grab?
Only with the spell parry shields
Nein, not even with the spell parry shields.
you used to be able to in DaS1, but you cannot in this game.
It really blows my mind that this weapon is so underrated.. I've rarely seen anyone using it (Past the high wall...) .. Yes it becomes less useful the further you progress but this weapon's true-damage property really makes it easy for you in the early stage of the game considering of course that you got it at around level 20- 25.. It destroys pretty much every early PVE enemy. Also if you're strugling against invaders in that early game this will destroy them too.. They usually dont expect to get hit by 380hp with 2 simple punches that cost very little stamina.. It might not be the ideal PVP weapon but if you get used to it it can really help you against invaders. On a final note. If you use this weapon to invade low levels on the high wall of lothric. You're absolute garbage and there's no value or credit to "winning" that fight for you whatsoever. Just makes you a *****.


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Yeah man it was so insane. I just bought it cause it's the shield - (only against elemental damage) and the WA
You seem mad.
Invaders sometimes have to face a constant stream of blues during an invasion just to kill 1 litte guy wielding some shty weap, and then people say: ThIS Is a MeChaNiC iN gAeM So ItS oK! This weapon and its mechanic is also in game, the twinks are also in game there is no game-law against them. Therefore i'd say this: My fellow invaders- Use whichever dirty trick you like against those puss1es no matter if you are a twink or whatever, OUR PURPOSE IS KILLING so do whatever you can to achieve that!
ok but what if i invade the undead settlement am i still an ******
destroyed champion gundyr in 8 riposte using this bad boy with llyod's sword ring on my faith sl40 run. Pontiff only manage to survive 3 riposte since i pummel him a lot during the riposte recovery and clone summon.
Ah, yes. A fellow man of culture.
hard to do the WA unless youre in point blank range or someone runs into you with a running attack wich you can poise through if its nothing higher than a straitsword that is...
WA requires your hand to hit their face. The hitbox for hitting the opponent's head has been buffed but it's still pretty bad and wonky. You are basically required to trade using its poise frames, which means for anything other than a one handed weapon you need to be wearing actual medium armor or more.
Try looking down with the camera, it wil make your character bow a little and the hand will have some more reach
You can activate wa on reposte. Another thing you can do is use caestus in off hand, two hand it, activate perseverence, then switch back to dark hand for the wa.
The *****slap of death
This weapon is great for invading
This is great for pyro builds early on for players who start with int/fth before maxing vigor so that way you can ditch a fire infusion for this. Later on once you get a dark or chaos infusion or maybe even an innate fire weapon you can just put this away.