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im playing as loshe and whenever i try talking to malady outside the doctor's house, or the door to the house, they act as im not playing as loshe, anyone know how to fix this?
found the issue, for some reason i no longer have the lohse tag
To open the cabinet sealed by magic in the basement of the Doctor's house, just spill some blood!
I'm still in Fort Joy playing as Ifan why did Rhalic said to kill Lohse?
She's a threat, has a dangerous demon inside her.
In the definitive edition, we aren't given a choice. Malady will refuse to talk to you without Lohse. And Lohse will always choose to snuff out the candles.
Actually, atleast in my play through, Loshe snuffed the first to even when i told her not to, but when it came to the thousands of candles, choosing "We are leaving, now" can cut it off.
Same goes for Ifan's quest in the Elven temple. However you try to stop him, he will always kill Bishop Alexandar. I guess the companions are too stubborn in their quests.
I'm playing as Sebille, and until a few minutes ago, I wasn't sure that Lohse wouldn't someday literally stab me in the back, but after our conversation following Jahan's failed exorcism, I am happy to announce that Sebille and Lohse are the committed lesbian couple that will save the world, and I (Sebille) will cut anyone who tries to hurt my girl.
My man.
But it's the same when you play as Lohse, she thinks of Sebille with distrust at first, even when you recruit Sebille later on Lady Vengeance to continue their adventure together, the same distrust with her (something about her presence makes you uneasy wether Sebille won't stab you, or well something on those lines) is displayed again. They were basically made for each other. XD
I love this character, and his quest is so badass. I think she is the most optimistic character in the group.. But at the end of the game, it's really weird his behavior, I don't know if you saw his epilogue, I don't dare to spoil.
She's my go to girl. She has best personality imo.
The part with Migo isn't correct. He won't attack you, if you have the Yarrow flower in your inventory, speak with him, then offer him the flower and he'll give you his ring. What you do with it, is up to you, but to advance his quest, you should give it to his daughter, Magister Yarrow (his little Yarrow girl). The flower can be found pretty easilly, so there's really no point in him attacking you. For solving this quest, Yarrow will give you the key to Fort Joy's main gate (where Magister Boris stands).
Oh it's about the Lohse tag, sorry, he will attack you for that response. Silly me.
FYI, you can ignore the entirety of Lohse's quest on Fort Joy. Malady will direct you to Jahan once you arrive in Reaper's Coast. (Just FYI in case you really, really don't want to kill Saheila in the cave.)
I followed the Lohse quest from the beginning and i havent killd Saheila... in fact I rescued her later...
You can also side with Saheila with no detrimental consequences.

Also, if not wanting to take Lohse permanently, be aware that there is no exp or item rewards for doing the FortJ part of her quest, so no need to do it.