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I'm in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley with the boss still alive, I finished Siegward's questline and I bought Patches' Catarina armor. Does this mean I cannot send Greirat or else he will die? Or can I do something to save him?
If you went to the sewers and to the capital to kill Yorm (to complete Siegward's quest line) then he will die. Sorry.


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Clearing content up to Greirat Irithyl outing: Sigward in place, Sleeping and unspoken to close to the Distant Manor Bonfire. Way up to Pontiff Clreaded and Pontiff Dead. Sent out Greirat (Sent him out to late by mistake). This can kill the Questline. I tried fixing it by clearing all the way up to, but not killing, Aldrich in Anor Londo. Cleared the path to Sigwards Cell and opend it in the Profaned Capital (Sigward still up at the Distant manor location and unspoken to. This will nott mess with his Questline.) Did also Kill Alva. Finished Anris Quest up to Anor Londo with the Yuria Quest. Greirat still not Back at Firelink Shrine. Killed Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Greirat Back at Shrine. So if you send him late i would kill Dancer to get him to reappear. Confirmed (Remember to Kill Alva Invasion before next outing)
this article is so *****ing confusing. like this is the most complicated possible way to explain a pretty basic questline. you'd think someone would give the simple step by step, and THEN provide all these detailed "failure conditions." a lot of these failure conditions just individually make no sense too.
I was able to send Greirat without activating the bonefire in Irithyll. I had not yet gotten the doll, but ran all the way to the barrier at the end and killed the beast that appears behind you. Gave Siegward his armor down the well, then went and killed the deacons of the deep, then old demon king. He has since returned and I have yet to enter Irithyll


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Someone should add to the trivia that there's a bug where if you go to greirat in his cell, you see he's alive and well, but if you go directly to grab his key and go back to free him, he's dead and you'll be able to pick up his ashes. I personally have never had it happen to me, but I was helping a friend of mine who's new to the game and saw it happen to him. I even googled it and found that others have had this bug happen. Only fix is to make a new character. Luckily you won't have made much progress at this point, but it still sucks having to re-do it.
So I did Smoldering Lake before Irithyll and killed the Old Demon King. I had forgotten about Siegward until I was almost to Pontiff Sulyvahn. So I opened all shortcuts back to Pontiff and went back to Firelink to buy the armor from Patches. But I made my rounds to all the NPCs at Firelink to stock up on whatever I needed and sent Greirat to Irithyll before talking to Patches to buy Siegward's armor. I told Patches where Greirat was before fighting Pontiff Sulyvahn and then the option to buy items was gone so I went ahead and went back to Irithyll and killed Pontiff Sulyvahn. Afterwards, I returned to Firelink to find Greirat still absent, but Patches was present so I went ahead and bought Siegward's armor. I went back to the Cleansing Chapel and gave Siegward his armor and then went back to Irithyll to meet him by the fireplace in order to progress his questline. But on my way to Siegward, I found Greirat dead. Is this a bug or was it supposed to happen given the order in which I did things?
I made the same progresion (send greirat, inform patches, kill pontif) and greirat is dead. wiki said in order for patches to save him: "You must send Greirat out to Irithyll and inform Patches of his destination BEFORE you defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn" - only mentioning INFORM before pontif not kill another boss (to trigger his return) before pontif, maybe triggering pontif makes patches unable to help? I don't think that is the case but it looks like it. about the Siegward's rescue: he must already be in Irithyll by the fireplace before you sent greirat, since you know he is not that fast and rolling makes his head spin
I haven't found greirat's corpse yet so I'm not sure if he's actually dead. However, I did the same thing as the OP except that I killed the old demon king instead of pontiff. Patches returned but greirats didn't.
So I made another char because I'm somewhat confused why patches isn't saving grairat. This time i made it like so: went past bridge to central irithyll bonfire, went back to shrine send greirat to irithyll, went directly to patches (he didn't ask about greirat so I quit and reloaded), patches asked about greirat, I told him where he went, I went straight for old demon king, killed him and greirat is still absent, so I progressed through irithyll and found his ashes in sewers. The only thing that comes to my mind is that i never forgive patches when he traps you in shrine (since you get the gold coin that way and they are counted). Maybe he's butthurt or something, all i know is this***** is making my head spin.
Okay. So I didn’t know that I still had Loretta’s bone in my box until before I defeated Dragonslayer Armor. So I sent him to pillage then killed DA. I got back and he asked if he should pillage the second place. Should I allow him?


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Have you bought Siegward's armor from Patches? If you have and gave it back to Siegward, unless you haven't gone to Irithyl dungeon (you propably have as you have already defeated Dragonslayer armor) I'm pretty sure there is no way for him to survive Irithyl. Regardless If you send him to pillage or not you can't get the stuff from the last location but if you send him the stuff from the second location will be purchasable if you give his ashes to the handmaid. If you HAVEN'T bought Siegward's armor from Patches make sure he is in firelink shrine as a merchant. Then send Greirat to pillage and tell Patches about it. Defeat any boss and Greirat should be back safely.
I shouldn't have gave him lorretta's bone now i can't buy from him cause he drove into full depression.
Either travel away from the shrine and back three times or quit game and reload and hell be back to normal
Ok guys maybe I missed a trigger, not sure. I kept Seigwards armor from NG and gave it to him from NG+. Then I went along and did the patches part to get him to show up as a merchant is FLS. My question is, since I saved Seigward, I havent gone to verify if hes there or not, he should still save Greirat, correct? Well now I want to know, since Patches still has the armor, since I didnt buy it from him, I have the option to tell Patches still where Greirat is. If I do, whats the outcome? Surely Greirat will just come back right? Saved by either? I wonder if the game knows that both of them could be right there.
I've reloaded my game 9 times and checked is siegward was in the sewer still. No *****ing greirat what the hell
In case you can't skill find, you need to open one door(dont' remember) in the catheral so that you can find siegward in the sewer