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i find its funny AND annoying that i can easily tank through 2-3 combos and almost any heavy attack from the nameless king with my +5 havel shield, but a little fricking lizard can run through all my stamina and havel shield with one damn rolling...makes you wonder, who's the real boos in Archdragon peak :\ (killed THE king on 3rd attempt pretty easily, thanks to that amazing shield ofcourse:))
I know, right? These things are deceivingly good at their jobs. I think it's because, in comparison to the basket of incredibly annoying (and hard hitting) serpent guys one approaches this little rock creature like it was a harmless iguana in someone's terrarium. Then it drains your stam and you accidentally roll off the side of the castle.
3rd attempt?? DAMMN SON
everyone: "are these baby dragons?" or " ************* " me: " ahhhhh, i dont have the DLC "
But these is base game content.
You're dumb aren't you
Strat: 1. Kill Dragon 2. Take em one by one by luring them with arrows
this is basically a turd lizard
Rock lizards have the second highest cuteness vs annoyingness ratio, directly behind pontiff beasts
Rock/Dragon type pokemon


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They're as annoying as they are cute.