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Why do they always put these "Lone Shadow" bosses in locations where the camera has a seizure every 5 seconds?
I accidentally missed him


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gets stuck in the grass & stops attacking
If you jump to tree branch and then to the top of the pagoda without triggering him, you can do a running jump and get a falling deathblow on him.


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The Lone Shadows might be a possible reference to the Inoue Clan of samurai even though they lived in the Tokugawa period (1603-1868) which comes right after the Sengoku period portrayed in the game.
Hirate Estate revisited Masanaga: 1. Port in to the main Hirata Idol. 2. Kill the 3 fat Taro and the 3 guards around the building. 3. Walk across the charred ground (where one of the fatties was facing) 4. Aggro Masanaga into following you back over the charred ground 5. Once there, his attacks are reduced significantly and he no longer calls the hounds on you
You can also puppeteer one of the fatties. It makes the fight kinda confused and random but it helped me. You can let the fatty deal with him while you kill the hounds, and get in for a cheap shot once in a while. Once you run out of spirit emblems to re-puppeteer the fatty, he should be almost dead.
normal mob in a tiny room with 3 dogs added because they knew just fighting the mob would be trivial? is this a dark souls 1 reference?