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Are the Vilebloodd Itslians? “Maria” sounds an awful lot like “Mario,” the famous real life Italian plumber. The blood dregs look like spaghetti (would eyes be the meatballs???). Arianna gives birth to a baby Ebrietas, the Great One famous for her resemblance to pasta noodles. **** you Vaati my theories are better
or maybe spaniards?
Italians doesn't eat meatball spaghetti.
Vaati will always be king of soulsborne lore close second tho lolz
Since the queen sent out summons and requested and was gifted constantly with forbidden blood the proof being the 2 kin coldblood items found on the roof on the corpse of healing church hunters, master logaryus may ham dawned the crown to banish the entrance to the queens chamber and thus stop the continuing supply of blood dregs to put an end to the queens plan. My best bet honestly why else would he teach executioners to despise vilebloods but provide a protective barrier to the queens lair? Obviously to prevent entry no other explanation to it unless the master has himself had a change of heart and decided to fight for the queens cause because he is well verse in blood arcane spells which then could mean that he stands to block entry only to opposing forces to the queen, but the discovery of the healing church corpses found dead at the hands of roof gargoyles might suggest either that the gargoyles are under the master's command and are ordered to prevent further entry of kin blood, or either that the gargoyles are preventing church hunters from possibly stealing forbidden blood or either the corpses are freshly dead seeing as they's still some blood left though we cannot clearly see if wet or dry meaning the gargoyles are attracted to kin blood and attempt to take it from whoever possess it. But in my opinion the story states that the man who brought the blood to cainhurst is a betrayer of byrgenwerth and thus the church and so we can view the church as an opposer to the vilebloods and thus we may possibly choose the healing church hunters are stealing blood from cainhurst as the possible explanaition remains only to figure out what happened to master logarius.
Logarius may be able to use blood arcane because of his staff which was never clearly stated to be his own and be previously owned by a blood guard or by the king of vilebloods. This can be backed up by the name of the wheel being initially logarius' wheel and confirming that he is using a weapon not originally his own.