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I noticed if u look close enough u can make out an engraving on its neck! can anyone confirm this?


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fairly sure that engraving is the same as you see in the item icon for the demon titanite. It always looked to me like getting that you just kinda cut that bit of neck off and use it lol
Yea bro, Thats the slab of demon titanite you get when you kill them. Its their head.


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It's really not their head.


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titanite demon in lost izalith definitely doesn't have 40k hp in ng and propably not 80k in ng+ (at least in the remaster). It took me 8 great lightning spears, each dealing 408 dmg, to kill it so it has somewhere around 3200 hp.
Author probably added one zero on mistake. How his hp can logically be so height if endgame boss Manus has 6666hp (miniboss having 7x last boss hp?)
Looks like they have a grab attack, the one in the catacombs killed me with it
Any ideas why these have no right leg? seem's a bit deliberate.
Would you want to fight a Titty demon with both its legs? That would be like Manus on crack. Probably just a design choice to accommodate for the player
I did it. Sorry.
A reference to the Greek God Hephaestus since titanite demons are the remnants of the giant blacksmith deity.
THis is impossible
I've killed 3 so far but the one around the corner in sens is tough to kill
Run for your life. If you fast ran, you will reach the door which is opened. Get out through the door, recover your health and come back hit him under stairs and repeat. He cant attack if you right position under stairs.



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Git Gud Casul!
*****ing lingering hitboxes.
In Undead Parish there's a nice trick. When you come from Andre side and turn left you'll have a broken pillar between you and Demon. If you stand correctly it's possible for the Demon to break any lightning on this lying broken pillar, so he won't move and attack despite every lightning will hit the pillar. Press Q, buy lot of bolts (you can divide the fight if more bolts will be needed) and enjoy doing nothing but clicking RMB and watching his lightnings stopping in half a way :D
If you get lucky and the Black Knight in the Burg drops his sword, that does great damage to this thing. I took him out in 6-7 swipes?
the only use for dt is boss weapons, so if you use a stander weapon ( longsword for me) then killing them is like drinking water in water. useless