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At +10: Oh nice King of Storms Riposte time for nameless At +6: Oh King of Storms riposte in 30min im at nameless
Jeeeez the tutorial guy did it in 5 minutes including the cinematics
Anyone want to co-op this mess on NG++? Xbox: DERVISH888 Thanks.
*Delay Attack King
His dragon always gets me with his fire attack. Xbox: HumpyToe
He only does that attack if you are standing under him, you can also dodge it by immediatly running away once he takes off and spamming the roll button one it starts breathing fire
What is this boring***** ? I literally cannot see what is going on. F*cking retards is what the people who designed this boss are. Cheesy as *****. Bored now. Aldrich was unreasonable but at least I could actually see him and hit him. Ugh
are you blind by any chance? is your monitor on?
1. Even with short weapon you have decent view. 2. If decent is not enough get longer weapon. Being 1-2 feet further will help you to see him very well. 3. After 1st phase which is short due to low Dragons health your vision gets perfect.
On NG+ he drops 160k souls