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Not to be contradictive, but I've almost always gotten most of my damage in on the curved sword form where the guide says not to attack him
I have beaten all bosses (including DLC's) on SL1, but I have stuck on this boss :-(. Fookin bull*****curved sword and second phase
This boss seemed extremely difficult for me, above nameless king and all others, beat it but couldn't find a good tactic for his ridiculous final phase (long reach combo, long reach fast stockades, long reach grabs, long jump attacks while running from lightning attacks and while recovering). Had to spend hours learning how to play fast his initial multiphase. But still many opinions agree that it wasn't that hard. Weird.
It does far less damage when you're further away from it, particularly because most of the combos don't hit. If you're right next to him when he does the combo, you're about guaranteed to die unless you're incredibly durable.
Easiest boss in the whole game. Died twice when he as using sorcerer set. In my third try I survived up to second phase and easily killed him with Dragonslayer Greataxe hits only. I was wearing Havel armour and not embered.
You died using that. pfff
I'll bet you're very popular and cool. You probably have TONS of sex, don't you. You might just be the best dark souls player ever, huh.
I love the part where you died twice to the "easiest" boss in the game. Implying you died more than twice to all the other ones. You're so good at this game bruh
Fighting him at SL 1 with a +10 Dark Longsword solo is such a rush, but near flawless execution is necessary or I die every time. And I die quite a lot...
When i first encountered the soul of cinders with my sl104 pyromancer (40/40 int/faith) i knew i was going to have a bad time when i read the messages just outside the fog gate (time for dark, let there be lightning) so i just assumed he would be immune to fire and i was right my chaos fire orbs/vestiges did little to no damage and that fight didnt end well but i knew how his stages went so i prepared for next round. Equipped dark clutch ring (was aware it would gimp my defense for extra damage) , lloyd's sword ring, witch and swamp rings i didnt have the blindfold as i wanted to defeat the boss before the dlcs but i recommend you get it before as it will help with the extra dark damage as he does deal any dark, i had about 8 ashen estus and six estus overkill on ashen but needed it for long run with the chips of damage he was taking, The second phase i had about 3 estus and 4 ashen when he was at half health eventually i managed to defeat him with a quick combustion when he got really close with a overhead swing with a tiny speck of health (T_T rip i thought to myself) but my black flame killed him, my character was knocked back but not dead and i sh**t you not the adrenaline rush was exhilarating to say the least as it was the first time i had beat him O_O
doesnt deal dark i meant
Hugged his right side and whatever attacks didn't miss, I jumped through, Black Flamed his *** the entire fight even though I had a Dark Dark Sword with me. Extremely vulnerable during his caster stage if you just keep rolling right, although I did go through 10 estus and an Ember when all was said and done. Still, though, I consider him to be a couple notches below Champion Gundyr in terms of difficulty.
Yea, but at least you can parry champion gundyr which make the fight so much easier
If your in the Warrior of Sunlight you can summon Solaire to fight with you
No, you can't.