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Why I can't fight with my friend, even when we set the same password and match criteria?
just summon each other at a specific area in the game
Have you tried gitting gud?
make sure to select the same gamemode and map.
Because he’s lying to you and playing non cas


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I little annoyed you can't get covenant item through the arena.
It makes sense though, otherwise people would use it for boosting too much.
So why do people consider sl120-140 to be a meta? That's pretty overleveled characters i would say, you can make some ridiculous staff at this level. I think level 80-100 is much better as you have actual builds there, which specialize in some areas while making sacrifices in others
Completely agree, above SL100, you lose some specificity in the builds, for sure. At SL130 you can have the caps for your weapon PLUS a high vigor...
I like to stay at sl 90-100 for arena
You guys have no idea what you're talking about. Caster builds need at least SL 120 to be effective, you melee losers don't need the extra levels.
I have two perfectly viable casters on level 99, don't know what you are talking about
Someone knows how works the symbol in the duel?
Can you do a 3 person free for all?



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You can swap your weapons out of your *** as long as you want to, but you will lose anyway, cas
What level should I be for undead matches, my level is 59
meta level is around 120
I can only assume a 6 man brawl is lag hell, I still want to try it one day if I can ever find 5 others who aren’t fed up with lobby wait times.
At SL 120 do people upgrade their weapon to +10 for Hollow Arena- or is it restricted like how invasions are?