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I think they mean that if Lorian is parried then you can't follow with a riposte. You can riposte Lorian only if he's poise broken
Parrying is a bad mechanic, probably one of the biggest design flaws in Soulsborne. Why? Because it utterly trivializes some fights to the point that they resemble quicktime events. Watch a video of the Champ Gundyr or Suly fights without parrying, then watch them with parrying. It's also utterly cancerous for PVP; a SINGLE well-timed input should not automatically hand you the win, ESPECIALLY in a multiplayer environment as laggy as DS. We would be better off if parrying was reworked for a more balanced risk/reward ratio, because***** is wack. I'm sure some half-literate dolt will be butthurt that I'm daring to insult such an integral mechanic which they rely on as a crutch and tell me to 'git gud'.....when my entire point is that parrying makes the game way too cheesy/easy.
If they parried you I say they earned it, I do agree that the hornet ring is bull and you shouldn’t really be able to parry any bosses, but for pvp it definitely is a risk situation because if they mess up guess what they are stuck in R1 spam
Anyone who uses parry as a crutch is doing it completely wrong. But being able to parry someone takes time and dedication to learn, it isn't just something you can do right away. And if you're being parried all the time, change up your fighting style, or use a weapon that can't be parried or one that is difficult to telegraph.
Sunset shield (hodrick’s shield) is not listed