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Tip for those who are annoyed at the dragons: You can kill them easily in the first meeting. From the bridge, put on your best fire protection, then just run through the fire straight to the gate (don't bother rolling, it just slows you down). If you survive this, the spot right smack in front of the gate is completely free from fire. You can then estus, put on your best damage rings, and just shoot the dragon to oblivion with a good bow while they make their scary noises and breathe fire uselessly at you. Don't bother aiming for the dragon head. The easiest damage area is actually the tail that hangs down from the wall. If you are low level, you might want to stock up on your arrows before attempting this (you might not have enough). Or also bring a crossbow and the cheapest bolts just in case.
IDK if I'm the only one affected, but the very first knight / priest combo (from the Dancer bonfire just straight ahead) can be easily cheesed with ranged weapons. For some reason, the knight cannot leave the room. Maybe it's only a glitch, but so far it was like this everytime I returned to the area. Position yourself in the doorway (not too close though, as his attacks could still reach you). First take out the priest to prevent the healing (this should not aggro the knight). Then shoot the knight. He should rush towards you but stop at the entrance and retreat with his shield up. But he only does so up until the big fold in the carpet before he attacks again. Just look for openings where he lowers his shield. Every run should give opportunities for 2-3 (shield up) or 4-5 (shield down) arrows. IIRC this also applies to the greatshield knight on the way to the garden.
What even cannot be cheesed with ranged weapons tbh