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I got her first run. Her sign is on the right side of the hydra arena next to a rock. After I used a humanity to reverse hollowing, her set appeared at the back of the cave where the golden golem was.
It doesn't matter if she dies. You can still get to the dlc through the normal process.
So after obtaining the Lordvessel and NOT setting it at Firelink Shrine, I went to Darkroot Basin to farm some Blue titanite Chunks. I went to Dusk to buy some spells just so I could have them for the playthrough. I did another run because I’m farming and noticed her summon sign was gone. I know the wiki says when you obtain the Lordvessel her sign disappears but I talked to her once already while having the it. Can someone explain this wanky danky bull*****



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Well, if you take the rest of the community's word for it, you'd get told something like "itz cuz ur gey" or "you need to 'git gud' before complaining like a salty casul." Realistically, however, it is highly possible that was a bug in her triggering, which is known to be a bit glitchy. You could also check your inventory to see if you scooped up the Broken Pendant, as that activates the DLC, during which time Dusk is definitely not summonable. In any case, it is not a game-breaking issue, and until you rescue Dusk in the DLC, Elizabeth can effectively act as her substitute as a spell vendor (they sell the same spells); you find Elizabeth immediately after Sanctuary Guardian in the DLC. I know I'm not 100% satisfying your question, but hopefully this is a helpful pointer.