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Turns out you can just teleport him over the cliff and when he runs back, he's in a happy mood.
Argh, no matter what I do I can't get Ifan's crossbrow from this guy. I have the note, the journal says to meet the guy but nothing is triggering the conversation. Sebille's quest updated. What am I missing??? This bug is stressing me out.
Unchain Sebille and make her walk to the bridge so she's far away from the group, then talk to Zaleskar with Ifan. For some reason Sebille's questline takes priority sometimes.
I think u have to first talk to some magister first then talk to zaleskar
I think it is also an unstrung cross bow in the wagon that you can just steal.....But I mean, Im one of those rob everyone blind players lol.
what gear is he wearing it looks awesome
In the definitive edition he no longer requires a persuasion check to advance sebille's story( as a party member)
Untrue. As of May 2019, there is still a persuasion check requiring two persuasion when using the "strength" option.
He did when I tried to do it yesterday. Or at least I couldn't seem to find a conversation path that didn't require a persuasion check that I would fail and so trigger a fight.
who voice acts Zaleskar?