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I just beat them first try, maybe it was luck but they were a piece cake in comparison with sister friede


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Wasn't luck, short of a glitch/bug there's no luck in this game. Certainly not in multi enemy/phase fights. Sister Friede is one of those whos insanely hard to outlast all phases without augments to a build and shes a jjoke with Coop. Not balanced at all
I hate this boss with a burning passion.
Dark Souls 3: Prepare to Gank Edition
Lapp and Gael deal the same amount of damage but Lapp can take more damage than Gael
Illogical to call this fight optional. It is part of the DLC and should therefore be judged by the DLC, in which it is mandatory.
Okay, that trivia doesn't seem to understand what "conjecture" is. We have no idea if this is the Firelink Shrine from DS1. There is clearly the area where Frampt pokes his head out from there, but whether that's a recreation (if there are multiple DS3 Firelink Shrines of the same design there can be multiple of the first game's Firelink Shrine) or the shrine moved, who knows, but I can say one thing for sure, the Ringed City is not in Lordran, nor is it viewable from the original Firelink Shrine. This battle area in no way resembles the original Firelink Shrine (which was a crumbling cliffside I might remind the author of that wiki entry). I'm not getting my account reset just to log in and edit this page, but someone please remove that and put it in the lore theories area. That's where speculation belongs, not in the factual segments.
Certainly is a theory but this place is a mixture of everything including lordran
100,000 souls NG? I got 75,000. Maybe it's because I summoned Gael?
some people said that sister friede is harder, but in my opiniom humanoid boss is far more easy than actual monster, this boss is freaking insanaly harder than sister friede
I severely handicapped myself like an idiot fighting them by using the frost sword and summoning 2 npcs, thinking it would ease the fight. Also my brain always go for fire=weak to frost even though I already learned that demons are immune to them. Though somehow I got lucky enough that I managed to go through them and the prince in one go.
Demon in pain & Demon in below could be translated as: pain in the ***