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Extraordinary boss fight. I admit, I had some issues with her--mainly her third phase--and she took me around 6-8 tries. The time I managed to beat her, I did it in about a minute without being hit once. These are the boss fights I play these games for; the ones with such a perfect learning curve where you can just feel yourself do better each time.
Like many of this game’s bosses- you gotta be lucky with the attacks they dish out. I went with the Augur of Ebrietas strategy and equipped the clawmark rune. Those visceral attacks cheesed the hell out of her. But if you’re looking for a more cinematic fight, just gotta trial and error.
Just beat her in NG+3. She's incredibly easy to parry. Took me around 5 tries. Equip clawmark rune and visceral attacks will get her. Despite that though i really enjoyed the fight. Not like Ludwig ughh
She killed me in her 3rd phase when I first tried this fight with only 11 blood vials. From then on, I strangely kept getting worse and worse at her, not even getting her into the 3rd phase on one attempt. Then I found out how ridiculously easy she is to parry and got her in a parry chain for all of her 2nd phase and also stole a lot of health from her 3rd phase, so it lasted for way shorter than it should have done because she was only a few hits from death when I started it. Really fun fight though, and I'm kinda regretting essentially cheesing to kill her.