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Shadowrush was very effective for me. Just one stealth blow then cheesed her with shadowrush by the fog door also if you get lucky the cannon guy can take a lot of her health.
When she does the pull back motion when doing her grab, you can actually deflect it. I find it to be a more reliable and constructive way of dealing with it. I don’t know if that’s common knowledge but I didn’t see it here when I skimmed the page.


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“...armed with rapid-fire, belt-fed, auto-muskets and advanced build-in target acquisition and tracking modules enabling them to engage the player with pinpoint accuracy both on the ground and in the air beyond visual range once detected.” I-I’m sorry?? Did I accidentally click on the Halo Wiki??
I defeated this boss with very easy method. First backstab deathblow the boss, then alert the guard near her so the will attack you. Stay close to the her, if you shot by the guard she will get shot too, this will dealt high posture damage on her. Just do it two times and her posture will be very high. It's really easy to defeat her afterwards.