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For anyone having trouble, doesn’t really matter what level you are, you should be around lvl 30 anyway, but, three simple steps: 1. Saw Cleaver 2. Fire Paper 3. Dodge Left and Punish
I've tried to get a summon for this but that bro stuck in lower area and refused to come to the boss. do I need to meet some requirements for the summon to come to the boss fog?
*****boss with***** hitboxes
Remain wary of the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young
This boss is bull*****especially so early on and the fact you only have 6 numbing mist and I used all of them, unless there is a way o can get more early on I don't think I'm gonna be able to play that character anymore
Pebbles work :)
I read this after beating her and even though her tail makes it impossible to see, you are out of the way of her attacks when you are behind her. Just keep listening for when she screams or when her tail moves because it means she is about to attack and you need to dodge. Plus, the back allows you to go for the legs and stagger her very easily... ended up getting 5 viscerals in a row this way
You can also cancel her healing by stunning her (by making her arms take significant damage). I doubt I would have beaten her if I hadn't stunned her when she started healing.
For some reason when I fought her she did not heal at all.
She only does it when the player goes too far from her, staying at close range will never trigger it.
Y'all can keep your waifus. I got Amelia and she ain't afraid to scream in my ear.