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Do ypu keep your Ninjutsu or are the considered Key Items?
Ninjutsu are not considered key items, you do keep them.
I have two questions: 1: Is there a good reason to do the optional bosses again when you start a new game? 2: I'm currently missing 2 prayer beads after finishing the game with the "return ending", does someone know which two prayer beads i'm missing (I don't think I missed any on my first playtrough)
1. More memories to increase attack power. Otherwise no, I guess. 2. You're probably missing the two beads you get on the way to the Purification ending.
the beads are either one of the hidden ones, or a mini-boss you missed, there is a section on the location of prayer beads that you can look through to double check
Do the optional bosses again because they're fun. The beads are probably the hidden ones. Like the lake in Mibu Village
Not sure if you found your answer, but I'd guess your two missing beads are related to the Purification ending, which are located in a second or revised memory of the Hirata estates.
Revised Hirata estate, most likely. I'm in the same situation.
This helps me realy lot, with serching. Contains spoiler
This WIKI is full of sh1ts. The difficulty does NOT stop scaling after NG+7. This isn't Dark Souls. I am currently in NG+12 and NG scaling continues. Anyway the increase of difficulty between NG cycle isn't so big like in other FromSoft games.
you have any proof of this? I would like to know for myself.
This is ture. At NG+8 i'm doing less damage with AP 99 then in NG+7 with AP 96. I think I take more damage aswell but I am certain about the enemies having more HP.