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I can confirm that if you discover Mibu village and the watermill idol, he skips moving to the area near guardian ape. I started a new save and basically went straight for corrupted monk(mibu). I wanted to see if I could kill her within a few tries. I ended up getting her first try. To make a long story short, I skipped o'rin by taking the route around her, killed corrupted monk, and basically went to ashina reservoir to speak with Jinzaemon. He said his normal dialog and that was that. I was expecting to meet him in abandoned dungeon/ bottomless hole, but he wouldn't show up. I then thought that perhaps he skips the guardian ape area entirely if you have already discovered the idol near O'rin. Sure enough, I was right. This means you can finish his questline pretty early. I haven't even been in Ashina castle yet, or sunken valley and I've already killed corrupted monk.
What if you talked to Jinzaemon before talking to the guy in abandoned dungeon? Are you still able to lure him down there for Doujins quest??
I was able to talk to him several times on the way from Ashina Castle to Mibu Village. Each time before Mibu Village I was given the opportunity to lure him to the Abandoned Dungeon. Once he was in Mibu Village I was no longer able to lure him to the Abandoned Dungeon.
what a piece of***** of questline
first time I talked to him as Ashina Reservoir, he said something like "why can't i hear the music? it was you wasn't it! give it back to me!" and started attacking me.
ahh i see: i already killed O'rin
I feel like you should have been able to send him to Anayama as well. He did ask for a strong person to help loot the battlefield… though I guess he was too ensnared in that damn music.
Also because he isn't Thicc
No idea what an honorable samurai would want to do with a thieving merchant lol.


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I'd like to add that when sending Jinzaemon Kumano to Doujun, his unconcious body can be seen behind him in the locked chamber, not only can this quest line be sped up by resting at an idol and talking to doujun again repeatedly, at one point Jinzaemon Kumano's body will change into a lootsack. when this happens the voice/lines of the merchant at the start of the abandoned dungeon will change. I believe the merchants new dialogue also sheds some light as to why phantom enemies start randomly appearing everywhere in the game, as this is mostlikely a curse by Jinzaemon Kumano.
Phantom enemy ?
Good guess but the phantom enemies appear even if you don't send his to the dungeon.
the phantoms come anyway at this point. Just finished his quest with O rin.
This guy is such an ****** raaaa faaak
Killing orin before starting his quest line makes him hostile


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Always send him to Doujin, at least Kotaro has a decent quest reward
Rewards from both of them suck anyway, since theyre decent but plain limited. Sending either to Doujin is just plain sadism, the lumps can be found more often in other places.
Someone here said he's weak to poison. Okami warriors are weak to poison Okami's descendants are weak to poison Orin is weak to poison. Jinzaemon will give Jinza's jizo statue to us after the quest. Orin call him "that child". Jinzaemon's father forbid him from going to Mibu..... Only he can hear the song from that *****ing far. Jinzaemon is orin's child?
Or Jinzaemon is lord Shakuza or lord sth, idk son ?
Or maybe Jinzaemon is Lord Shakuza ? Zakuza ? Idk son ?