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I'm in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley with the boss still alive, I finished Siegward's questline and I bought Patches' Catarina armor. Does this mean I cannot send Greirat or else he will die? Or can I do something to save him?
If you went to the sewers and to the capital to kill Yorm (to complete Siegward's quest line) then he will die. Sorry.


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Clearing content up to Greirat Irithyl outing: Sigward in place, Sleeping and unspoken to close to the Distant Manor Bonfire. Way up to Pontiff Clreaded and Pontiff Dead. Sent out Greirat (Sent him out to late by mistake). This can kill the Questline. I tried fixing it by clearing all the way up to, but not killing, Aldrich in Anor Londo. Cleared the path to Sigwards Cell and opend it in the Profaned Capital (Sigward still up at the Distant manor location and unspoken to. This will nott mess with his Questline.) Did also Kill Alva. Finished Anris Quest up to Anor Londo with the Yuria Quest. Greirat still not Back at Firelink Shrine. Killed Dancer of the Boreal Valley. Greirat Back at Shrine. So if you send him late i would kill Dancer to get him to reappear. Confirmed (Remember to Kill Alva Invasion before next outing)
this article is so *****ing confusing. like this is the most complicated possible way to explain a pretty basic questline. you'd think someone would give the simple step by step, and THEN provide all these detailed "failure conditions." a lot of these failure conditions just individually make no sense too.
I was able to send Greirat without activating the bonefire in Irithyll. I had not yet gotten the doll, but ran all the way to the barrier at the end and killed the beast that appears behind you. Gave Siegward his armor down the well, then went and killed the deacons of the deep, then old demon king. He has since returned and I have yet to enter Irithyll