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Probably one of the best looking heavy armor sets in the game right next to faraam set looks totally badass.
This armor changes the appearance of a great deal of boot/leg armors. It is most noticeable when equipping smough's legs.
Would have preferred this without the long cape under the short mantle, like the hammer wielding Millwood Knights.


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Would have preferred the followers armor to have the cape the javelin wielding follower knights have
Unfortunately if you are wearing a shield on your back, (Ethereal oak shield for example) Then the cape will clip through the shield and it is extremely irritating! :(
The whole stat page for this is wrong the weight is 15.6 for starters 18.3 phys, 13.0 magic 20.2 poise
Willing to trade nearly anything for this. PSN: DinoEric114828
best fashion
Actually super solid armor, I'm getting better protection from this chest than with any other pieces (northerner helm, fallen knight gloves and leather boots on a 10 vit build with havel's ring). Unfortunately it makes my guy look way too fat and I don't super dig the collar. Oh well.