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Blacksmith vs Mace?
I would really know what's best for STR build.
mace all the way, blacksmith isn't viable in this game
either war pick or morning star. I'd go for the war pick



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they did not add a single mace in the dlcs guess from doesn't like hammers except great ones.
To be fair though, the follower torch uses the hammer moveset and the rose of ariandel uses the club moveset.
The perfect counters against Straight swords, curved swords and other fast weapon since the speed can't really counter the start up hyper armor.
why is there a sorcery hammer but not a miracle one?!
The Rose of Ariandel counts as a whip, but its only attack is the same as a small club, and it can cast miracles with its heavy attack. Effectively the same thing. It also can't backstab, being a "whip".
Because faith amiright
Why is there no pyro hammer?! Sheesh. It's not like there's a representative of every combination for every weapon type.
Thor took it for himself.
This doesn't have traditional stagger like most weapons.
With most weapons: *hit* *hit*

For hammers, you don't get unstaggered after the 2nd hit and land a parry or something. You keep getting staggered until you roll out of it.
With hammers: *hit* *hit*
Damn it got rid of the greater and lesser than signs.

With most weapons: *hit* *STAGGERED* *hit* *UNSTAGGERED*
With hammers: *hit* *STAGGERED* *hit* *CHANCE TO ROLL OUT*
Lucerne [Hammer] is a thing but I'm surprised they don't have a classic 1h War Hammer... Kind of a shame..
The lucerne is a halberd