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I just spammed my lilac umbrella with projected force... such an underrated skill and saves you some posture from her relentless attacks
A little fun fact I learned when fighting her again in NG+: If you perform a backstab deathblow for the kill, you can use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on her and she’ll walk around a bit. Not really helpful or anything, but I thought it was cool that it can be done.
fun fact, you can do this on any mini bosses
Is it possible they patched out the opening deathblow? I just went there and didn’t get the backstab for like ten times. Worked like a charm on my last playthrough.
So it seems her 1st deathblow has been patched, no biggie though just stand still and reflect her attacks and double jump her perilious attacks for golf posture damage until dead. U can do it!
*good posture damage*
I don't know if anyone noticed yet, but if you jump on her head now and stay behind her. she'll unsheathed her blade and then place it back in her convenient hiding spot. Well good luck wolf's we'll have to tackle this one head on.
She fell off the cliff across bridge died instantly and did not drop a prayer bead
I think they may have patched the ability to get a stealth kill in by goomba stomping her head or throwing a ceramic shard before she agros. It worked my first 3 times through but I just tried it on my last playthrough and it didn't work.
she has a grab attack if she breaks posture, but i didn't really want to know what it does, well kills obviously but in what manner. motion of grab looks like a hug attempt.
She slits your throat and stabs you in the heart. That's her grab.
She's actually super easy, compared to the elite in the castle. I deflected everything and tried to keep my posture low and only attacked after her 4or 5 hit combo. Jump counter her sweep and she was done with only 1 gourd used


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Forget even deflecting, though that's definitely the more satisfying way to do it. You can basically stun-lock her with Floating Passage. If she backs up, close the distance and repeat. If you can guide her into the stones behind her starting position, she can't even back up, and it's gg in about 30 seconds. One shouldn't even need to heal.
O-rin's hat looks pretty wickered.